Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Movie Stars

It could be that we might become movie stars. Yes, you did read that right. Yes, it means just what you think it means.

This morning as Superman and I were starting to fix a wonderful evening lunch for our moms, the phone rang.

It was a television producer calling us to see if we would possibly be interested in doing a 30 minute television show about adoption. WOW - for us to be such a quiet little family and not want to be seen or heard very much of, things sure have changed. LOL

I will post more when I know more...


karisma said...

How exciting! Do you have a DVD recorder? If so you will have to send me a copy so I can watch too! Pretty Please!

Alta said...

That is so cool that you would want to watch too! WOW! I will have to remember to ask for extra copies. I mean shoot - we do have lots of family that want to see.