Thursday, November 15, 2012

My first pair of Ariat boots

I was gathering for boots.  I had a list of some that I wanted and I finally had to break down and get a pair.  The colder weather came before I could gather enough points to get them.  So....I am now the proud owner of this boot...
Ariat<sup></sup> Terrain Waterproof
Ariat Waterproof Paddock Boots.  I love them too!
My first day in them, I thought that I would take them back and get a refund.  I said "no, I will wait at least one more day".  I am certainly glad that I did.  I generally wear tennis shoes but...they really aren't "barn" savvy.  I also needed some arch support because I have planters factitious and I have to wear inserts in my shoes. far, I haven't had to put any inserts in these boots.
Have I mentioned that I love them?!