Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Posted by Hyman Weeks
I love to cook, and I do my best to change up my meals as often as possible. I’m lucky to have some fairly adventuresome eaters as children, and I take full advantage of that to make as many “grown-up” meals as I can! I have so many friends whose children will only eat chicken fingers, and the only way they’ll eat their vegetables is if they’re covered in Ranch dressing. I don’t know what I’d do with eaters like that, because my kids are basically forced to eat what I put in front of them. That being said, I do know my limits. I only make recipes that have been well received—either by my own children, or by reviewers’ children on one of my favorite recipe sites. I try to plan my meals and do all of my grocery shopping at once to make things easier. I’ll bookmark all the recipes for a week and then make lists off of that. I used to spend hours sitting at my desk at home planning all this out, but after doing a quick Google search for high speed internet provider High Point one day, I discovered that I could sign up for Clear internet, and make my lists on the go! I now bookmark my sites, open my laptop in the grocery store parking lot to jot down whatever items I need, and off I go! It’s such a huge time saver and makes my meal planning that much easier.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did I tell ya

I am working on a new blog.  Yeah!!!!  LOL as if I don't have enough to do already. I said, I am working on a new blog and I am excited about it.  One thing that I need to remember is this - It is very important to SAVE my backup until I am POSITIVE that I like the changes.  Very, very important!  You would think that something happened and I lost something.  Ahmmm...I did!

So now I'm off to my other blog to get it set up and going.  See ya later!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's Way

Today as me and my youngest child were browsing around in one of our favorite stores, he turns to me and says; "They already have Easter stuff out".  He had a really bright look in his eyes as he said it.  I could just see all the wheels turning inside his head.  It was kinda like mixing all the colors to decorate the eggs with.  So in the back of my mind, I stored the info and home we went.

Once we arrived at home, he started talking about all the Easter things that he saw.  He talked about getting Easter gifts and how he thought he was getting too old for them.  I explained that we never get too old for Easter Gift Baskets.  You can do so much with them, I explained how his dad loves the Smoked Apple-Cured Half Boneless Ham and he would never out grow it.   We went on and on talking about all the things that we love about Easter and the yummy chocolate goodies that are like buried treasure in an Easter basket.

So I ask you...Are you ready for Easter?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Intarsia Shawl

Lately, I've been burning the candle at both ends and according to a very AWESOME lady, in the middle too.  I have something that many of you may know as...too many irons in the fire.  Yeah, imagine that.  I mean I do have 3 teenage boys, 3 dogs, 3 horses, 3 cats, try to maintain a house and a tiny little piece of dirt, not to mention a major hub in a great homeschool group.  Even if my candle weren't being burned from both ends and the middle, the fire would still be hot enough to at least make the wax soft. 

Here is one of my latest projects. 
Intarsia is a knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors.
My friend Jennifer (who is a knitting queen) hand died the yarn and gave it to me for this project.  How totally awesome is that?!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kids Marathon

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2012
Time: 9:00 am

I was there. I started. I finished!

I ran the first 50 feet. I walked. I ran the last 50 feet.

I was there. I started. I finished.

I can hardly wait til next year. Here's a link for you to go check out Five Points of Life Marathon.
Maybe you can participate too!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gardening isn't just for veggies

I know it's only February but I gotta tell ya...Gardening season is right around the corner.  I have several things growing in my garden now but soon it will be way too hot for them.  I have to plan ahead, if I don't then it is too hot for me. 
In planning and preparing my garden I include my family and that in turn includes my homeschool group.  What better way to teach our children about gardening with using our senses.  See, touch, smell, taste and hear.  Yes, all of the senses are involved in gardening. 
I think it is very important to teach our children that gardening isn't just for veggies.  I think it's important to teach our children that there are careers in gardening.  How about selling flowers over the internet for a career. can find lots of info about ornamental plants, flowers, foliage, fruits and herbs.  Be educated about the garden that you want to have.

A gardener is someone who practices gardening.

NoMoreRack Bargains

Finding bargains isn't easy.  But with everything that is thrown in our faces, I think I finally found a great place for lots and lots of bargains.  So here I was the other day just zipping around the internet like I do most days and wha la - NoMoreRack is what I found.  Don't worry about shipping fees either because they offer $2 flat rate shipping on every item anywhere in the USA.  How awesome is that?!

Now if we all could have found before we did all of our Christmas shopping, we could have a great little savings for our summer vacation already.  But don't worry, it's never to late to start saving for summer vacation.  You can start your Christmas shopping now and save and get done just in time for summer vacation.

I invite you to go over and join and begin the savings now!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Over the years I have been so against a criminal having an attorney.  I thought "Yeah, right, what does a criminal need an attorney for?"  But you know what, everyone deserves a fair trial.  And that is what brings me here today.  You really don't have to do a crime to be accused of one.  Now that makes me really think about being accused of something that I really didn't do.
Here's one for you:  Traffic Offense.  Yeah - most of us drive.  If your offense happens in California, I recommend a California Criminal Lawyer.  What if you aren't in California?  Then I would recommend that you call them anyway and ask for a referral.  It's only a call, what have you got to loose?
Think about it...There are lots of things that can go wrong.  Maybe we should all just keep a phone number in our wallet for "just in case" something happens.  I mean they don't call accidents for no reason.  Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Birds and Bird Watching

I have been straddling the fence for some time now about Bird Watching.  Well...not anymore.  And besides just being a plain out smart decision, our youngest child gets school credit for for it.  The first thing we did was to get him his very own binoculars for Christmas.  And it has just grown from there.  Here's more of what's going on...

A great birdhouse and bird feeder are very helpful. And with the houses and the feeders, we don't need the binoculars as much.  We love to watch the birds while they are doing their daily routines.  The birdhouses are great for giving the birds more places to nest.  And more opportunities for us to learn more about the birds.
Feeding time is a great time to see the birds interact with each other and a great time to learn more about them.

We would love to hear from you about your birds and bird watching.