Sunday, May 31, 2009

My second trip to Publix

When I first really started figuring out this coupon thing, I was able to buy Campbell's soup for 9 cents a can. I was just all wooohooo about it and had to post about it and brag about it and so on. I am to the point right now that I just want to clip coupons, print coupons and buy all this BOGO (buy one get one free) stuff and show off all the coupons that I printed and the minus sign on my register receipts. Yes, I am fully aware that was a run on sentence. LOL

My second trip to Yes, I went with Lisa. She helps me so much! I need to get all the info I can from her. I'm gonna jump out of the nest one day and do something better than 9 cent soup. LOL

I promise to show the proof later. I have the pictures to prove it and I intend to do just that.

Oh yeah! Today we had dinner on the grounds at church. We do that every 5th Sunday of the month. One of our friends said that they saved lots of money on the coupons too. They went on their own but they did a great job.

My first shopping trip was the best all around. Maybe because I saved the most money. Ha ha ha... But then again - maybe because me and the boys were so excited!

Yes, I'm planning another one!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Proof

I promised to show you pictures from my shopping trip with Lisa yesterday. Well here they are!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My first coupon trip

My first coupon trip was today. Right now I am so amazed that this can be done. I am so amazed that you can actually buy $300 in products and only pay $1. It is not a joke! Oh sure...I've used coupons before. I've even saved $20 or a little more by using coupons on my purchases. That part was easy!

My wonderful, wonderful friend Lisa has shown me the light. Friends and neighbors - I'm here to tell ya...Shoppin at my house will never be the same again. Right now I'm really just in AWE. I have the receipt to show you all and I promise that I will take care of that tomorrow. Let me rest a bit and get rid of this 2 day headache and I'll get back with you. Just to give you a heads up, here is what I saved and what I spent...taken from the actual receipt...

Your Savings at Publix $230.94

Payment $1.07

I can now say OOP (out of pocket)!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain and thoughts


Rain and more rain! We have had rain since Monday. In other words - today (Thursday) is our 4th day of rain. And it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

I love it!

We all went back to the springs on the 14th. My sister was down and we all got together and made a picnic of it. It was lots of fun! I don't have a clue why I didn't take my camera but I didn't. The boys swam until they were water logged. Kids just like to do that! LOL

Ok - I've talked about the rain. Now I need to talk about some thoughts.

I was thinking today about blogging. I used to love to work on this blog. I still want to sit and times and tinker around with it. But really, I don't want to be tied to the computer again. I'm gardening and reading and teaching and laughing and playing and praying and on and on....

Don't worry, I'll be here from time to time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a life

I sure have to admit that I have an easy life. I go to bed latter than the rest of the gang because it's the only time the house is quiet. I'm not kiddin! LOL It seems like my kids just never shut up be quiet. I sleep late everyday.
You would think that living on a little teeny tiny farm that I would have to get up early and milk the cows and feed the chickens and on and on. To start with, we don't have a cow or any chickens. We do have 3 horses, 3 cats and 2 dogs. Of course the cats will scratch your eyes out if you don't feed them at the right time. And the dogs will bark until you can't hear yourself think if you don't turn them out of their kennels that they sleep in every night. Not to mention the damage that 3 huge horses can do in just a few minutes if they don't have their hay at the crack of dawn. Ok - I'm joking about the critters!

I really do sleep late every day. My boys are woke up by Superman. Once Superman wakes them up, he heads off to work. The boys do their chores and eat breakfast and then they sneak in and wake me up. Since the boys missed so many things that we all take for granted, I will let them crawl in bed with me in the mornings. After about 15 minutes of the covers being pulled this way and that way I have to say enough and run them out of the room. Now I take about 10 minutes to brush my teeth, make my bed and get dressed. I walk into the "classroom" and our day begins.

There are days when I just have to reward the boys with being done with school at lunch time. Summer is here now and I intend to keep their feet wrinkled from swimming. Yes we are still doing school but we are swimming too. We spend a few hours at the springs and then we head home to get dinner ready for Superman (and us).

I intend to take more pictures of the springs and our activities. I have lots to share now, I just gotta get em here.

What a life!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Perfect Day

Today was just a perfect day. Warm Hot weather has struck us here in Florida. Oh, it's nothing like it's gonna get! Anyway...This is where we spent our day!

Blue Springs
Levy County

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fun Monday

Karisma over at Karismas Kids has talked me into it again. Ok - not really! ssshh don't tell her
What? I just knew you were going to ask. Well - Karisma is hosting "Fun Monday" this week.

She has even gotten more participants to join in.

Get a load of what she is asking of us...
Your task.........We all know our kids and pets are often a great source of amusement to us at the best of times. I want to hear a funny, silly or just downright cute story about your pets or your children. Have they ever done anything to totally embarrass you in public? Have they done something you thought was outrageous at the time, only to laugh at it later? Have they outwitted you in some devious way, only the way a kid can? Come on, out with it! Lets hear the juicy gossip! For those of you who are too lazy to write, how about posting some funny pictures instead! (Must be of your pets or offspring though!) Have fun with it!

The funny part is that my kids or pets have never embarrassed me. I know - imagine that! But I have come up with some ways that I just may have embarrassed them. When they were doing their silly little things, they had no idea that the pictures and the video that I would take could ever come back to haunt them. But you know what? None of them really read this, so - who cares!

Hold on and be prepared to giggle just a little.

So you have to understand that it just isn't possible for me to get embarrassed. Not living with this crazy gang. I mean look at this. I actually met him at the alter and married him. LOL

But gosh - our kids turned out normal. It's not like they look like the milk man or worse yet, the Easter Bunny!

The one time that I am glad that our preacher wasn't here was the one time that a teeny tiny spring decided to spring to the darkest corner under my husbands desk. I sent the youngest son in armed with a flashlight that is bright enough to land aircraft. He is wadded up under the desk and I ask him if he sees anything. He responds with an extreme serious voice. "Mom, the only thing I see under here is perverts."
He now knows that those are not perverts, they are just dust bunnies.

You are...

You are...

so not going to believe this! I won! I won! I won!

Giveaway of The Week !!!

I so love to follow Lisa's advice about getting products for next to nothing. Now that I can afford.

Friday, May 01, 2009

CVS for Newbies

We all know that I am really new to this whole shopping and getting things for almost free. Well I found out a little info about CVS that may help you. I was just browsing around and found it. Over at "i heart cvs" you can read more about it. Here is the link
i heart cvs
I think you will find some pretty neat info there if you are new to all this stuff like me.