Friday, May 01, 2009

CVS for Newbies

We all know that I am really new to this whole shopping and getting things for almost free. Well I found out a little info about CVS that may help you. I was just browsing around and found it. Over at "i heart cvs" you can read more about it. Here is the link
i heart cvs
I think you will find some pretty neat info there if you are new to all this stuff like me.


karisma said...

LOL! Woman! Stop shopping already! And Show me some pictures of those gorgeous kids!!!!! Oh yeah! And you should totally play Fun Monday this week coz yours truly is hosting (once again!) Its been a while! hehe!

Alta said...

You are too silly! I'm not shopping - I actually hate shopping. I'm learning how to shop and not spend. Now what you think about that! LOL
I saw your post about Fun Monday and I'm thinking about doing it. I gotta get my ducks lined up. LOL