Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My first coupon trip

My first coupon trip was today. Right now I am so amazed that this can be done. I am so amazed that you can actually buy $300 in products and only pay $1. It is not a joke! Oh sure...I've used coupons before. I've even saved $20 or a little more by using coupons on my purchases. That part was easy!

My wonderful, wonderful friend Lisa has shown me the light. Friends and neighbors - I'm here to tell ya...Shoppin at my house will never be the same again. Right now I'm really just in AWE. I have the receipt to show you all and I promise that I will take care of that tomorrow. Let me rest a bit and get rid of this 2 day headache and I'll get back with you. Just to give you a heads up, here is what I saved and what I spent...taken from the actual receipt...

Your Savings at Publix $230.94

Payment $1.07

I can now say OOP (out of pocket)!


Lisa said...

Alta --- I'm so glad you had such a great trip !!! -- see it can be done !!!! --- That's what it took for me -- one good trip with little OOP !!! Truly it was a blessing to be able to do a trip with you and the boys -- It's great to see the boys so excited as well -- By the way --- William and I were watching ur totals and he said to me at the point when u had reached $200 savings and at that point the total was about $23 he said OMG i think i am going to fall over ahhahaha :)I miss when my kids were smaller ehheh thanks for bringing them --- talk soon LISA

Alta said...

You are just AMAZING! Thank you for showing me. I still have lots to learn but I am so willing.

bigchambers said...

I came to your blog through ChickenPoopfortheruralsoul blog and was sort of skiming through until I came to this post. $1.07!!!!!!!! Being, as my wife calls it, super cheap I will give these coupon post and the rest of your blog a full re-reading.