Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a life

I sure have to admit that I have an easy life. I go to bed latter than the rest of the gang because it's the only time the house is quiet. I'm not kiddin! LOL It seems like my kids just never shut up be quiet. I sleep late everyday.
You would think that living on a little teeny tiny farm that I would have to get up early and milk the cows and feed the chickens and on and on. To start with, we don't have a cow or any chickens. We do have 3 horses, 3 cats and 2 dogs. Of course the cats will scratch your eyes out if you don't feed them at the right time. And the dogs will bark until you can't hear yourself think if you don't turn them out of their kennels that they sleep in every night. Not to mention the damage that 3 huge horses can do in just a few minutes if they don't have their hay at the crack of dawn. Ok - I'm joking about the critters!

I really do sleep late every day. My boys are woke up by Superman. Once Superman wakes them up, he heads off to work. The boys do their chores and eat breakfast and then they sneak in and wake me up. Since the boys missed so many things that we all take for granted, I will let them crawl in bed with me in the mornings. After about 15 minutes of the covers being pulled this way and that way I have to say enough and run them out of the room. Now I take about 10 minutes to brush my teeth, make my bed and get dressed. I walk into the "classroom" and our day begins.

There are days when I just have to reward the boys with being done with school at lunch time. Summer is here now and I intend to keep their feet wrinkled from swimming. Yes we are still doing school but we are swimming too. We spend a few hours at the springs and then we head home to get dinner ready for Superman (and us).

I intend to take more pictures of the springs and our activities. I have lots to share now, I just gotta get em here.

What a life!

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