Monday, April 30, 2007

Magic Show

Our 3 boys are very creative. My sister finally stopped by to meet the boys. She certainly took her dear sweet time too. Her visit lasted about an hour. Our boys made that one hour one to cherish and remember.

The Magic Show - the boys are in their room and I can hear giggles and every now and then one would sneak out and go to the kitchen sink. I had no clue what they were doing until I peaked into the bedroom. They had their box of magic tricks out and one was reading the book and the other 2 were helping each other out. So I just let them do their thing.

Let the Magic Show begin - out the boys come bringing tricks for everyone. They started with a cup of water that they put into a box. Turn the box upside down and the water doesn't pour out. Turn it right side up and the cup of water had disappeared. Amazing! Next was the bowl of water - a special bowl with water in it. Yes we all got to see and touch the water to make sure that the bowl had water in it. The bowl was turned upside down and wa-la the water was gone. Where did it go? Only the magician knows the answer. And by the way - It's magic. There were several other magic acts and they all were wonderful.

These children are more wonderful than their magic acts and I hope they never disappear.

She Did It

Yes - my sister finally stopped by to meet the kids. It took her 2 weeks to return and have enough time to finally meet our 3 boys. Wow - she stayed a whole whopping hour. Yeppers - one hour!
I must say though my boys made it a memorable hour. They planned it all in a matter of 5 minutes and put on a wonderful show. You can read more about that in the "Magic Show".

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Calm Cool Collected

I sure didn't feel Calm, Cool and Collected at first. There were so many thoughts running through my head on how to handle the situation. It was really funny and yes, I laughed at myself. Here is how I maintained myself.

We have a wonderful neighbor who owns 5 acres. I ask him if it would be possible for me to put our horses on his property so that they could graze. He said it would be fine and there was nothing that they could hurt.

Yesterday I decided to put the horses on the neighbors property. Because I am a person who tries to think of safety most of the time...I thought that I would walk to the front of the property to make sure the gate was closed. Well...I opened the gate for my horses and out they came and started following me onto the neighbors property. They would sneak off in the woods and then run up behind me to catch up. Off into the woods again and then run to catch up again. This happened a couple of times while I was walking down the driveway to check the gate. I get about 30 feet from the gate and "Oh my" the gate was open. Yeppers, you guessed it...The horses came running to catch up again. This time they passed me and right out the gate they ran. Now I am by myself and at least a 5 minute walk back to the barn and then another 5 minute walk back to find the horses. Oh it was funny and scary all at the same time.

The horses trotted down the lime rock road very proud and excited all at the same time. They ran into another neighbors yard and I am standing in the road calling them. I look and see 3 heads sticking out from behind the trees. They look at me and looked the opposite way from me. Like they were which way do we want to go. And of course they decided to go the opposite way from me. They were so silly.

I started hearing the neighbors dogs barking and then I hear a vehicle crank up (start). Then out comes 3 horses trotting back down the road toward me with a white mini van behind them. Off the horses trotted down the road right past me and then into the woods again. The lady in the mini van stops by me and we talk for a minute. She ask me if they were my horses and how would I get them back in. I said that they would come back in and they were fine. And to think that my insides were crawling with excite and wondering how I would get them back in. LOL

Three little heads poke out of the woods again. Hmmm...their thinking again. This time they come trotting toward me and my goodness...they turn right up the driveway and go right in the gate. It was amazing!

Deep down I knew that they would come back to me. I know this because I know my horses. I live a good distance from any major roads and that is a good thing. Our vehicles stay dusty from the dirt roads and the lime rock roads, but our animals and our children are safer.

It was a lesson learned and a blessing to have the knowledge of how to handle the situation of one 5 foot woman and three (3) 1500 pound horses.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Birthday

Yesterday (04-23-07) we had a birthday at our house. Our 12 year old is now 13 years old. We ask him to "Resist the Aliens". Just a running funny in our house. It always seems like when children become teenagers that the aliens visit them overnight and they become something that the parent doesn't recognize. For some reason the aliens will return the children back to somewhat normal around the age of 25. We are certainly hoping that the aliens stay away! LOL

We woke up our now teenager by flashing the light and wearing aluminum foil hats and singing happy birthday. It was very funny, especially to our 11 and 9 year olds. They really enjoyed it.

This coming Saturday will be the big birthday party. Gifts will be given, cake to be eaten and of course a mess to clean up. Outside - oh yes, it will be outside. This is just new to us and it is a big deal. This is our first birthday with our new children.

Wish us luck for the party and to help our teenager resist the aliens.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Living Frugal

I have always considered myself a thrifty person and yes I could even be called frugal. I enjoy saving money. I look at it as a challenge and one that I enjoy. I look at saving money as being able to treat myself or my family. If figure by living frugal that not only am I saving money but I am doing a small part to help save out planet. Of course I buy name brand items but I am very careful and I refuse to pay the prices that businesses are asking for some of the name brands.

There is a lot of information online about Frugal Living. I recently found several wonderful places online that you may be interested in.

Living On A Dime

Ditch your Debt is a 72 page e-book designed to help you say goodbye to debt! Packed with lots of stories and advice, this e-book is an essential tool for your Debt Elimination Kit.

Grocery Savings is a 34 page e-book that includes lots of useful tips to help you reduce your grocery bill. Many people see dramatic savings after using the tips from this e-book.

At 32 pages, the Cleaning Cents e-book is a handy guide to inspire you to get your house in order and stop throwing your money away in the chaos and clutter.

Kids Cents is a 39 page collection of articles that includes recipes and activities specifically designed for kids. In addition to keeping kids busy and helping their creativity, Kids Cents also includes articles to help parents with insights on raising kids while keeping spending low.

Debt Free Holidays is a 52 page collection of articles focused on having fun during the holidays without spending a lot of money. The articles focus on Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

"Gifts In A Jar" shows you how to make all sorts of cool, yummy gifts that will save you money while endearing you to your friends for life! ;-) Gifts In A Jar features ideas to make delightful Gift Baskets like those in the expensive stores -- everything from the Honeymoon Basket to the Get Well Basket.

Menus On A Dime Too Tired To Cook? Eating out is one of the top causes of debt, but what do you do when you're too tired to figure out what to make for dinner? In response to many requests from readers asking for menu plans, we are pleased to present Menus On A Dime.

Plan Ahead Leftovers is the second in the series of "Menus On A Dime" booklets. It includes 15 pre-planned menus and 38 recipes to make your life easier! This ebook explains how you can cook once and eat three to five different meals. Plan Ahead Leftovers includes beef, chicken and ham recipes for the main dishes and includes 10 dessert recipes. The Menus at a Glance page lets you see all of the menu descriptions in one place to make substituting elements from different menus easier. Plan Ahead Leftovers also includes tips to making your own menu plans.

The Quick Dinners eBook is designed to help you with meals you can prepare in 20 minutes or less. Quick Dinners includes 24 recipes, 34 tips, 10 menu plans, dessert ideas and a weekly menu worksheet. Using these easy dinner plans, you can be in and out of the kitchen faster and at a much lower cost than eating out!

Pretty for Pennies eBook is the same book as the Pretty for Pennies booklet. The e-book includes a few recipes not found in the printed version.

Halloween On A Dime shows you practical and creative ways to make your own decorations, costumes, party games and more! The Halloween On A Dime e-book contains the same information as the print book.

The Best of Living On A Dime e-Book Package.

I love these e-Books and all the information that is contained in them. Living Frugal is fun, exciting and an adventure for our family.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today has been a really good day. I had to take the youngest to the doctor, for just a general checkup. Because we live aobut an hour drive to the city I kept him out of school all day. Of course he had his homework to done once we returned home and a few other assignments that I am working with him on.

On the way home we stopped at PetSmart and bought 12 fishes (Zebra Danios). He was so excited that we got new pets. He got in the car and said "I love these fish and I am acting like they are my brothers". It was adorable! He held the bag with the fish in it all the way home. He said they were playing "tag" and "hide n go seek". He floated the bag in the top of the aquarium and then after a little while he was able to release the fish. He just thought that was the greatest thing.

While he was sitting down doing his homework, he had to fill in dots on dominos and then add the dots to get a total. He put 3 dots on one side of the domino and said "Three boys" - then he put 1 dot on the other side and said "One mom". Sometimes when these things happen it almost makes me cry. Never having children, I have never experienced some of the things that other women have experienced. I cherish the good and the bad. Without the bad we cannot appreciate the good.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jigsaw Puzzle

This morning I finished a Jigsaw Puzzle. I started it about a month ago. I have protected it from the cats for this long and I succeeded in keeping all the pieces. I just knew once I got close that a piece was gonna be missing. But it wasn't! I'm excited that somehow, someway I managed to keep the cats from playing hockey with the puzzle pieces. We resue plactic bottles and I guess that with the lids from the bottles that has managed to keep the cats busy with bottle top hockey instead of puzzle piece hockey. Oh yeah - they also play dog food hockey. Gotta love these cats!

Everytime I would work on my puzzle, I would think of my grandmother. I remember as a child her putting Jigsaw Puzzle's together. Since I have completed it now, I am going to use it as a wall hanging. Everytime I see it hanging on the wall, I will remember her. And I can tell my family how their Great Grandmother would sit and work on puzzles and let me help her.
What a wonderful memory and a wonderful topic this will be for a long time.


What a wonderful weekend.
Oh yeah - isn't it Spring? We did get much needed rain. That will certainly help the grass that we planted several weeks ago. Now for some warm weather and that grass should be growing like weeds.

I have been doing some reading online (again - lol), and I came across several recipes for "Homemade Fabric Softener". You can do a google search and find a lot of wonderful information on you can save money and make your very own fabric softener.
I am currently trying one right now that I really like. I bought an inexpensive (Great Value) fabric softener, a gallon jug of distilled vinegar and added some water and I love the results. I used 2 cups fabric softener, 2 cups distilled vinegar and 6 cups of tap water. I put it all in a gallon container. This makes about 1/2 gallon. You can double the recipe and get about 1 gallon of fabric softener. I hang some of my clothes out on the clothes line and this recipe has taken the stiffness out of the clothes. They are softer and smell a lot cleaner.

I have reduced the amount of laundry detergent that I use and the amount of bleach that I use. I have actually cut the amounts that I use in half. My clothes are coming out just as clean as before.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Values and Morals

How can someone be so selfish? My sister is who I am talking about.
Today my sister drove from North Georgia to pick up my mom and take my mom to spend a week or two with her. I know my sister worked all night and drove 6 hours to pick up my mom.

Ok - hold on - I am building up to it.

I made it a point to go over to visit my mom and my sister today at my mom's house.
My sister was in bed trying to get some sleep. I tickled her nose and she just looked at me and said "What are you doing". I just smiled and covered her head back up and said "I just wanted to say hello, go back to sleep". I visited with my mom for about an hour and then I had to head home to be there when the boys came in from school. On my way out I mentioned to my mom that I would really like it if they could come by before they headed back to my sisters house.

Around 3:30 I get a phone call from my mom. She was asking if we could go over to her house. I told her that the boys had homework and that we have a meeting with our case worker this evening around 6:00. Then my mom wanted to put my sister on the phone so that I could explain that I have a lot to get done and that I couldn't come over.
So now I was on the phone with my sister and she had to explain to me that she had this long drive back home and my neice that was with her had to be at work at midnight and she had a term paper that was due tomorrow (Friday).
I also explained that I had 3 kids that had homework to do, a meeting with our case worker, supper to cook, baths for the kids and a set bedtime.
And then she had to tell me that she wouldn't be able to come over because this and that and this and that. And how she really wanted to meet the boys but she would have to meet them on her return trip when she brings mom home, because she will have more time. My comment to that was this - "None of us may be alive then". I believe that we should cherish family and friends because no on is promised tomorrow.
Now they had to go within 7 miles of my house - no matter what direction they traveled unless they went 30 miles out of the way.

Without getting into a big arguement because neither one of us would give in, we agreed to disagree and that was it.

Yeah right - that was it. Over the phone anyway. I am hurt! I just became a mom, I am her sister, we grew up in the same house with the same parents and the same set of values and morals. What happened? Is it me?

I am not surprised by what she did, I am disappointed. I was there for the birth of 2 of her 3 children. I have taken them for the summer for 5 years in a row. I love her children as if they were mine. My husband says that it is just part of her selfishness showing. That this is the way she is and there is nothing that I can do about it. It still hurts.

Another Joyous Day

Today was another joyous day at our house.

Our case worker came for a visit. Along with her she had a stack of papers. The papers were approval for the boys to call our home their home. We had a court order placing them in our home and now we have the mandatory stamp of approval. Our next step is to get through the 90 day waiting period and then we go before the Judge.

We are all excited, ready, willing and able to get through our 90 days and stand in front of the Judge. The Judge will ask us all (including the boys) about our feelings on our adoption and if we all still want to go through with it.

Of course there will be a huge announcement on that day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hand Me Downs

My hand me downs.
Oh no - I am not complaining.
Yesterday I was riding along and I did a little thinking. Thinking about how lucky and how happy I really am.
I live in a mobile home, I drive a used vehicle, I have a life that not many women would want. And I love it!

My mobile home is 10 years old. I bought it new. It was the first new home I had ever had. All it really needs is a good coat of paint on the walls inside. I have taken really good care of it because I worked hard to have a new home and I appreciate it.

I drive a 1992 Isuzu Trooper, it have almost 250,000 miles on it. It's paid for. We bought it a few months back as a family vehicle. So I guess you can say that I have an SUV.

Most of the furniture in my home is used. We have very little new furniture but who cares. Everything is in really good shape and I refuse to run out and buy new furniture just because. It's all paid for.

I have 3 wonderful boys that someone didn't want. I want them, I love them. They are wonderful!

That is what I was thinking about. How I have hand me downs and so many people have all new stuff. Could I be any happier with new stuff. No way! I love all my hand me downs. I stop at the stop sign and I watch other people just act as if no stop sign exist. And I wonder why. Are they in that big of a hurry? Do they have to rush through life and take the risk that they are taking? No they don't. Take hand me downs, they are paid for. You don't have to rush to work to pay for the new SUV you are driving. By the time you get it paid for it will be worn out. Buy a used one and slow down. Are they in a hurry to run to the mall for the sale on the latest fashion? Not me - I am wearing a pair of hand me down jeans. They are comfortable and who cares is I get tractor grease on them.

Not many women want the life that I have. Or maybe I should say - most women want the life that I have. I am happy! I am in love with life!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Survived

Spring Break is over and I survived! We really had a great time during this week. We stayed home and just hung out together, sleeping late, playing and just whatever happened, happened. All of the kids are coming around really great and are feeling a lot more comfortable in our home. They even call it home now.

We have a birthday coming up this month. Actually it is our 2nd birthday this month. The first one was Superman on April 1st. Yes, imagine that. It is so appropriate that his birthday would be on April Fools Day. LOL
The oldest boy will celebrate his 13th birthday this month. We have told him to resist the aliens! A wonderful friend of mine told me that it seems like on their 13th birthday that the aliens come and visit them over night and they don't leave until the kids turn somewhere around 25. Of course she was laughing the whole time she was telling me this. Now we have told him that he has to wear a tin foil hat to sleep in that night and that he should "Resist the Aliens". We laugh and he laughs about this. It is our little joke that when we need a good laugh we just say "Resist the Aliens". He keeps asking "What do you mean?" And of course we just laugh.

We all had a blast coloring eggs and hunting them. I don't think the kids have ever laughed so much since they moved in with us. My mom and our neighbor came over to help in coloring the eggs. We all got our face painted and looked sillier than the eggs. The kids call my mom "Granny" and they call the neighbor lady "Granny Karen". They get to meet my sister this week. I am really looking forward to them meeting her and her getting the see them for the first time. The boys sometimes ask how many people are in their family and I tell them a bunch. All kinds of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. They look kind of silly when I tell them and then they ask when will they get to meet them all.

Oh how the days are changing at our house. All for the better!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Break

Yes, Spring Break is here. I know the kids really need a break from school and just some time to run around and be kids. I like to see them get just as dirty as they can and then look at you with their dirty little faces and smile. It is just adorable.

Today is the first day of Spring Break for them. After this week they should have 7 more weeks of school. Field trips are coming up too. We are all really looking forward to them. Right now I know of 2 field trips that we are getting ready to go on. The first one will be a trip to the Museum of Natural History. This will be with the first grade.
The next trip will be with 5th graders, we will be going to Wild Adventures. Oh boy! LOL That will be a wild adventure for me.

All of the kids are really doing well with their choirs and their manners. Sometimes they slip, but shoot, even I slip. Getting the children to recoginize their errs has not been very difficult. I believe in self punishment. In other words, admit that you made a mistake. It takes a very strong person to admit that they made a mistake.

Today we had 1 cut heal (not bad) it just needed a bandaid and then they were off to play again. I have been trying to get the yard raked, so I have been burning some leaves. One of the neighbor kids has been over today playing and wanted to help one of my boys dump the wheelbarrow. He had on flip flops and when he went to help, the flip flop slid into the ashes. The ashes were pretty warm and he came to me and I got him all fixed up. There was a tiny little blister that we put some ointment on and he was good to go play again.
Things like this will happen and children learn from these little things.

We are planning a few small trips this week, one is swimming and the other may be skateboarding. Not really sure just yet.