Monday, April 30, 2007

Magic Show

Our 3 boys are very creative. My sister finally stopped by to meet the boys. She certainly took her dear sweet time too. Her visit lasted about an hour. Our boys made that one hour one to cherish and remember.

The Magic Show - the boys are in their room and I can hear giggles and every now and then one would sneak out and go to the kitchen sink. I had no clue what they were doing until I peaked into the bedroom. They had their box of magic tricks out and one was reading the book and the other 2 were helping each other out. So I just let them do their thing.

Let the Magic Show begin - out the boys come bringing tricks for everyone. They started with a cup of water that they put into a box. Turn the box upside down and the water doesn't pour out. Turn it right side up and the cup of water had disappeared. Amazing! Next was the bowl of water - a special bowl with water in it. Yes we all got to see and touch the water to make sure that the bowl had water in it. The bowl was turned upside down and wa-la the water was gone. Where did it go? Only the magician knows the answer. And by the way - It's magic. There were several other magic acts and they all were wonderful.

These children are more wonderful than their magic acts and I hope they never disappear.

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