Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Birthday

Yesterday (04-23-07) we had a birthday at our house. Our 12 year old is now 13 years old. We ask him to "Resist the Aliens". Just a running funny in our house. It always seems like when children become teenagers that the aliens visit them overnight and they become something that the parent doesn't recognize. For some reason the aliens will return the children back to somewhat normal around the age of 25. We are certainly hoping that the aliens stay away! LOL

We woke up our now teenager by flashing the light and wearing aluminum foil hats and singing happy birthday. It was very funny, especially to our 11 and 9 year olds. They really enjoyed it.

This coming Saturday will be the big birthday party. Gifts will be given, cake to be eaten and of course a mess to clean up. Outside - oh yes, it will be outside. This is just new to us and it is a big deal. This is our first birthday with our new children.

Wish us luck for the party and to help our teenager resist the aliens.

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