Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring Break

Yes, Spring Break is here. I know the kids really need a break from school and just some time to run around and be kids. I like to see them get just as dirty as they can and then look at you with their dirty little faces and smile. It is just adorable.

Today is the first day of Spring Break for them. After this week they should have 7 more weeks of school. Field trips are coming up too. We are all really looking forward to them. Right now I know of 2 field trips that we are getting ready to go on. The first one will be a trip to the Museum of Natural History. This will be with the first grade.
The next trip will be with 5th graders, we will be going to Wild Adventures. Oh boy! LOL That will be a wild adventure for me.

All of the kids are really doing well with their choirs and their manners. Sometimes they slip, but shoot, even I slip. Getting the children to recoginize their errs has not been very difficult. I believe in self punishment. In other words, admit that you made a mistake. It takes a very strong person to admit that they made a mistake.

Today we had 1 cut heal (not bad) it just needed a bandaid and then they were off to play again. I have been trying to get the yard raked, so I have been burning some leaves. One of the neighbor kids has been over today playing and wanted to help one of my boys dump the wheelbarrow. He had on flip flops and when he went to help, the flip flop slid into the ashes. The ashes were pretty warm and he came to me and I got him all fixed up. There was a tiny little blister that we put some ointment on and he was good to go play again.
Things like this will happen and children learn from these little things.

We are planning a few small trips this week, one is swimming and the other may be skateboarding. Not really sure just yet.

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