Monday, April 16, 2007


What a wonderful weekend.
Oh yeah - isn't it Spring? We did get much needed rain. That will certainly help the grass that we planted several weeks ago. Now for some warm weather and that grass should be growing like weeds.

I have been doing some reading online (again - lol), and I came across several recipes for "Homemade Fabric Softener". You can do a google search and find a lot of wonderful information on you can save money and make your very own fabric softener.
I am currently trying one right now that I really like. I bought an inexpensive (Great Value) fabric softener, a gallon jug of distilled vinegar and added some water and I love the results. I used 2 cups fabric softener, 2 cups distilled vinegar and 6 cups of tap water. I put it all in a gallon container. This makes about 1/2 gallon. You can double the recipe and get about 1 gallon of fabric softener. I hang some of my clothes out on the clothes line and this recipe has taken the stiffness out of the clothes. They are softer and smell a lot cleaner.

I have reduced the amount of laundry detergent that I use and the amount of bleach that I use. I have actually cut the amounts that I use in half. My clothes are coming out just as clean as before.

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