Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Survived

Spring Break is over and I survived! We really had a great time during this week. We stayed home and just hung out together, sleeping late, playing and just whatever happened, happened. All of the kids are coming around really great and are feeling a lot more comfortable in our home. They even call it home now.

We have a birthday coming up this month. Actually it is our 2nd birthday this month. The first one was Superman on April 1st. Yes, imagine that. It is so appropriate that his birthday would be on April Fools Day. LOL
The oldest boy will celebrate his 13th birthday this month. We have told him to resist the aliens! A wonderful friend of mine told me that it seems like on their 13th birthday that the aliens come and visit them over night and they don't leave until the kids turn somewhere around 25. Of course she was laughing the whole time she was telling me this. Now we have told him that he has to wear a tin foil hat to sleep in that night and that he should "Resist the Aliens". We laugh and he laughs about this. It is our little joke that when we need a good laugh we just say "Resist the Aliens". He keeps asking "What do you mean?" And of course we just laugh.

We all had a blast coloring eggs and hunting them. I don't think the kids have ever laughed so much since they moved in with us. My mom and our neighbor came over to help in coloring the eggs. We all got our face painted and looked sillier than the eggs. The kids call my mom "Granny" and they call the neighbor lady "Granny Karen". They get to meet my sister this week. I am really looking forward to them meeting her and her getting the see them for the first time. The boys sometimes ask how many people are in their family and I tell them a bunch. All kinds of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. They look kind of silly when I tell them and then they ask when will they get to meet them all.

Oh how the days are changing at our house. All for the better!

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