Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Today has been a really good day. I had to take the youngest to the doctor, for just a general checkup. Because we live aobut an hour drive to the city I kept him out of school all day. Of course he had his homework to done once we returned home and a few other assignments that I am working with him on.

On the way home we stopped at PetSmart and bought 12 fishes (Zebra Danios). He was so excited that we got new pets. He got in the car and said "I love these fish and I am acting like they are my brothers". It was adorable! He held the bag with the fish in it all the way home. He said they were playing "tag" and "hide n go seek". He floated the bag in the top of the aquarium and then after a little while he was able to release the fish. He just thought that was the greatest thing.

While he was sitting down doing his homework, he had to fill in dots on dominos and then add the dots to get a total. He put 3 dots on one side of the domino and said "Three boys" - then he put 1 dot on the other side and said "One mom". Sometimes when these things happen it almost makes me cry. Never having children, I have never experienced some of the things that other women have experienced. I cherish the good and the bad. Without the bad we cannot appreciate the good.

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