Thursday, April 26, 2007

Calm Cool Collected

I sure didn't feel Calm, Cool and Collected at first. There were so many thoughts running through my head on how to handle the situation. It was really funny and yes, I laughed at myself. Here is how I maintained myself.

We have a wonderful neighbor who owns 5 acres. I ask him if it would be possible for me to put our horses on his property so that they could graze. He said it would be fine and there was nothing that they could hurt.

Yesterday I decided to put the horses on the neighbors property. Because I am a person who tries to think of safety most of the time...I thought that I would walk to the front of the property to make sure the gate was closed. Well...I opened the gate for my horses and out they came and started following me onto the neighbors property. They would sneak off in the woods and then run up behind me to catch up. Off into the woods again and then run to catch up again. This happened a couple of times while I was walking down the driveway to check the gate. I get about 30 feet from the gate and "Oh my" the gate was open. Yeppers, you guessed it...The horses came running to catch up again. This time they passed me and right out the gate they ran. Now I am by myself and at least a 5 minute walk back to the barn and then another 5 minute walk back to find the horses. Oh it was funny and scary all at the same time.

The horses trotted down the lime rock road very proud and excited all at the same time. They ran into another neighbors yard and I am standing in the road calling them. I look and see 3 heads sticking out from behind the trees. They look at me and looked the opposite way from me. Like they were which way do we want to go. And of course they decided to go the opposite way from me. They were so silly.

I started hearing the neighbors dogs barking and then I hear a vehicle crank up (start). Then out comes 3 horses trotting back down the road toward me with a white mini van behind them. Off the horses trotted down the road right past me and then into the woods again. The lady in the mini van stops by me and we talk for a minute. She ask me if they were my horses and how would I get them back in. I said that they would come back in and they were fine. And to think that my insides were crawling with excite and wondering how I would get them back in. LOL

Three little heads poke out of the woods again. Hmmm...their thinking again. This time they come trotting toward me and my goodness...they turn right up the driveway and go right in the gate. It was amazing!

Deep down I knew that they would come back to me. I know this because I know my horses. I live a good distance from any major roads and that is a good thing. Our vehicles stay dusty from the dirt roads and the lime rock roads, but our animals and our children are safer.

It was a lesson learned and a blessing to have the knowledge of how to handle the situation of one 5 foot woman and three (3) 1500 pound horses.

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