Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Day At A Time

I have tried to take one day at a time for a long, long time now. Here lately, I am taking it minute by minute. I don't know why but when I really think about it, I know exactly why.
If only I could fast forward to the future or look into a crystal ball. But then again it may scare me so bad that I want to go backwards. Might better just stick to the minute by minute thing.

School for the kids is going really great. We have had a meeting with the Counselor and advised them of the anger issues with the middle boy. They were wonderful. They have a short term and a long term plan that they are putting together. The school will work with us and we will work with them to hopefully get him on track. I am working with each child every day. It may be from their school work (just reviewing) or it may be helping with homework. Today it was riding one of the horses with them. Just quality time that I can spend with each one.

The middle boy has volunteered to help his little brother with spelling words and math. He has also volunteered to help with any lessons that I assign at home. I bought a couple of work books today from the Dollar Store and I thought that the youngest could do just a page or 2 everyday. I really think that this will help him. I also think that it will help the middle boy. By helping his brother he is also refreshing and learning. But the funny thing is this...He has no idea that he is learning. I love that part of it. He is learning patience and how to use a calmer voice and be calmer himself. Only if for a minute or 2. That is what I mean by minute at a time.


karisma said...

Hi Alta, Long time no blog! I hope you are all doing well. I was just reading another blog and thought of you. Maybe you've already got this link but the lady has lots of great advice and is unschooling her three adopted children. I thought of you as her boy was having behaviour problems and she has some really uplifting advice. I have been reading through her old posts for a while as they were so interesting. Keep Smiling,
Love from Lisa Oops I lost the link will post it next. sorry

karisma said...


here it is .

Alta aka k9 said...

I am so glad that you thought of me. I am saving the link in my favorites, it is a wonderful blog. I found it interesting that the family is within 50 miles of us. How unique!
If is friends like you Lisa that uplift me everyday! Thank you!

Here is the link that Lisa sent