Saturday, March 17, 2007

Time To Plant Grass

It sure is hard not having a tractor. Lucky for us we do have a 4 wheeler. Sounds kinda silly, I know. But sometimes one just has to make do with what they have. And to think, not so long ago there were no tractors and no 4 wheelers. One was considered fortunate if they owned a mule and a plow. Nowdays plowing with a mule is probably considered cruelty to animals. LOL I don't think that it was ever considered cruelty to the farmer to plow with a mule. Funny how things work out.

Today my husband started planting the pasture with grass seed. It is only about a 2 acre pasture. Our country living consist of living in a rural county in a subdivision (used to be all woods) out in the country. We have a total of 4 acres and are very proud of that. Our horses are not kept in a barn so they are on the pasture 24/7. We do have about a 1/2 acres paddock that they are now on, while the pasture grows. I will be able to give them grazing time on the pasture and on the yard. I sure do hope we can get out 40 acres soon.

We have a harrow that goes with our 4 wheeler. That is what we drug the pasture with to make rows (indents) for the seed. The harrow has an aggressive side and a non aggressive side. We covered the seed with the non aggressive side. The boys were really a big help today. I think I had forgotten how dirty that kids can really get. But they are so funny when they look at you with the dirt streaks and the dirt bead necklace and in a very serious way ask a question. It is all I can do to keep from just laughing out loud. I just do my best to not laugh and answer their question.

Now we water, hope for some rain and wait and watch the seed come up. The boys are excited to see the seed grow so that they can see what they have done and the help that they were.

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