Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Great Weekend

One more wonderful weekend with our adoptive siblings. This weekend really has been a positive one. The boys are starting to take the bull by the horns...By this I mean that they are starting to do things without being told. They are learning how our house is run and how we all work together as a team...As a family.

This was one of the weekends that my husband had to work and I had the boys all to my self. We are learning how they interact with us as individual parents. We are really learning a lot. Not just the boys, but me and my husband. I am sure that there will be tough times, but the good times must out number the tough times.

We spent the day at home on Saturday, just playing outside. We have a large round trough we bought to use as a swimming pool. I think we used it once last summer. The kids filled it with water and played in it for about 3 hours. They could get as dirty as they wanted to and just run and jump in it. It was great.

Sunday we went to the springs. The springs is a nice 72 degrees year round. Of course the kids wanted to swim. And so they did. LOL They also shivered. And shivered some more. Oh I'm not cold they would say. Yeah, sure you're not cold, then why are you shivering. The best part is that they loved it. We had a picnic lunch and sat and talked and laughed.

If only the paperwork would hurry up and go through. The paperwork to get them placed in the home. All of us are just waiting on the phone to ring and it be our case worker saying that everything is as it should be and the kids can move in. It will happen, I know it will. And it will happen this month.

Excitement is abundant at our house.

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