Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our House

Needless to say that our house has been turned upside down. Going from no kids to 3 kids and all of them in their pre teens. Maybe for one split second a day I think I have lost my mind. Then I suddenly remember - oh yeah!

We finally got all the boxes out of our living room, kids all registered in school, kids sent off to school and whewwww...what a task it was. LOL Now - hmmmm...what to do with my time. Yeah, like I don't have anything to do or can't think of anything to do. Think again! There are lots and lots to do.

Monday they were all off to school and I have a meeting tonight. My first day with everyone out of the house for a couple of hours, even my husband. I managed to do 3 loads of laundry, including washing, drying and folding. The kids have to put their clothes away and I put mine and hubbies away. Feed the critters, check a few emails, make coolaid and the rest went by so fast that I just don't remember.
Pick the kids up from school, go over paperwork and so on...
The middle boy actually enjoyed it and was laughing and so on during the ride home from school. He stayed that way all afternoon and really - until bedtime. He fell asleep that way.

I explained (while we were eating dinner) to the boys that I had a meeting and that they were to sit with their dad and read for at least 5 minutes. Once they read then their dad would give them a little poem that I wrote for them. It was kinda like a treasure hunt (which they love). The poem told them to look under their pillow for a bedtime note from me. I knew that I would not be home to tuck them in bed. We started cleaning up from dinner and then we all said our be careful's and our I love you's. Much to my surprise, the youngest one put his arms around my waist and said "I don't want you to go". It was so sweet and of course you know it pulled on my heart.

My husband is wonderful! Have I mentioned that before? Oh yeah - Superman! LOL
He got them all cleaned up, their reading done, took some time with them and into bed. And this is what happened. While my husband was telling them all goodnight, the middle boy (yes the defiant one or most troubled one) got out of bed, put his arms around my husband and said "Goodnight Mr. Gary". Oh I thought my husband was going to cry when he told me about this. Oh shoot - I thought I was going to cry when he told me!

It isn't easy being a parent which I am sure that most of you know that already. And it isn't easy to go from no children to 3 children, pretty much overnight. But let me tell you this...There are moments that have happened since these children have moved into our home that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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