Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Best April Fools Day Tricks

I remember having a boss at one point in my life that pulled the Best April Fools Day Tricks on her office staff. She was a supervisor that was all business, one that when you needed an answer, she would give you one that you could count on. She didn't do much joking around in the office either. I really enjoyed having her as a supervisor because I could depend on her.

But one April Fools Day she let her hair down (so to say). We all came in the office just like any other day. This is what we found and what happened...

The phone rang and when I went to answer it she had simply turned the handset around backwards on the phone cradle. The part that you speak into was now at my ear and the park that you listen from was now at my mouth. I tried to remain calm and not just bust out laughing. The caller wanted to leave a message so I opened my top drawer to find that it had been emptied out completely. I just couldn't hold back anymore, the laughter just poured out. The phone rang again and one of my co-workers did the same exact thing that I did.
Little did we know that the supervisor had pre-arranged some of her friends to call our office.
After a few minutes of lots of laughter in our office everything settled down again. Once it was all settled down, we all began our daily routines. This is what we found...Our supervisor had removed the tape from our tape dispensers, the staples were removed from our staplers, the ink refills were removed from our pens, paper clips were removed from their little holders, adding machines had been unplugged, name tags had been placed on different co-workers desk, the clock had been up an hour and a few other little things here and there.

I am not sure that we found everything that was askew that day. But I know that it was fun and harmless.

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