Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gardening isn't just for veggies

I know it's only February but I gotta tell ya...Gardening season is right around the corner.  I have several things growing in my garden now but soon it will be way too hot for them.  I have to plan ahead, if I don't then it is too hot for me. 
In planning and preparing my garden I include my family and that in turn includes my homeschool group.  What better way to teach our children about gardening with using our senses.  See, touch, smell, taste and hear.  Yes, all of the senses are involved in gardening. 
I think it is very important to teach our children that gardening isn't just for veggies.  I think it's important to teach our children that there are careers in gardening.  How about selling flowers over the internet for a career. can find lots of info about ornamental plants, flowers, foliage, fruits and herbs.  Be educated about the garden that you want to have.

A gardener is someone who practices gardening.

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