Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Been gone way to long

I have been gone way to long! I blogged and blogged and thought that I'd be posting forever. It's kinda like I see the girls writing or saying "friends4ever". We all forget how life happens.

Yes, life has happened to me. I got busy, forgot about blogging and moved on. Now I'm slowing down and wanting to blog again.

Speaking of friends...I saw a friend at church the other day. I haven't seen her in - ok, a long time. I have been reading her blog and I (think) hope she has been reading mine. I had no idea that we both knew the same person. Yeah - blah, blah, blah.

Really good to see you and yours!


Little Log said...

I, for one, have been waiting on instructions to this coupon thing you do! So snap to it woman!

karisma said...

Hugs Alta! So glad to hear you are still alive. Ive missed you! Mwah xxxx

Alta said...

Awwww - you so sweet! I missed you too!

Alta said...

I'm gonna get the coupon thing done. I really need to ride out and see you and just explain it to you. It is easier that way.