Monday, September 26, 2011

My eldest child

I'm gonna try to catch you up to date on my eldest child. Hmmm...rolling eyes around while brain searches for 411.

William is my eldest child and (if you've been keeping up) you know that all three of our boys are adopted. And if you haven't been keeping up, now you know. William is now in Brunswick, GA at Job Corps. And I gotta tell ya, my dear husband has been catching it from his mom. Oh yeah! She has been giving him an ear full. Back to William. He was going to age out of school and he's at that age where mom and dad just aren't hip (cool) (down with it) (or whatever it's called nowadays) anymore. Hey you remember when you were 17 going on 40! William was and still is very excited about the Job Corps program. This is a good thing. He will either get his diploma or a GED and he will get job training for a career path that he chooses. And...get this...they pay him. For real! I think it is a great program. It wasn't easy to send him out into the world, so we figured an environment that is still controlled and monitored not only eases our minds but helps him to ease into the world.
Our calls to him have been uplifting and we can hear his excitement over the phone.
His one request is for us to please send him some toilet paper, striking paper, toilet tissue or what ever you wanna call it. It's the stuff you clean your bottom with. He says that people still it from the bathrooms.
I know...I'm as clueless as you are.


karisma said...

Sounds like a very sensible plan to me. Especially if he is happy! Well done to you all. ;-)

JesusChick said...

People steal toilet paper? Wow

Glad everything is going good with William! Next time you speak to him, please mention that I said hello :)

Alta said...

This is something that he has wanted for a while now. But really, what 17 year old don't want to get out from under their parents.

Alta said...

I will tell him that you say hello.