Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sometimes I am a Dingbat

According to Urban Dictionary a Dingbat is...
A weird thing, person or situation, a person considered stupid or foolish.
A set of fonts showing pictures instead of letters.
Someone who attempts to provide a definition of the word "Dingbat" and misspells the word "retarded" in his or her definition.
A term used to describe a person (often a woman) who does not think before acting and most times acts on pure impulse.
Yes there are a few others there too, but...we need to recognize other websites.

According to Wikipedia a Dingbat is...
An ornament, character or spacer used in typesetting, sometimes more formally known as a "printer's ornament" or "printer's character".

And, last but not least...
Merriam Webster says that a Dingbat is...
a typographical symbol or ornament (as *, ¶, or X) nitwit or kook

I drove all the way to Gainesville today to buy Almond milk.  Not just any Almond milk.  It had to be Silk Almond Milk (unsweetened).  I choose Gainesville because I needed some Whey Protein too.  So...I gather up my money and my coupons.  Get it - coupons.  I bet you have guessed it by now.  LOL  I stopped at the first Publix along the way and discovered that they did NOT have what I needed or wanted. I have to drive more into the city.  Did I say Grrr....!  So through traffic.  Ok, not just traffic, it was Gator game day traffic.  Yeah!  I check out happily with my Unsweetened Silk Almond milk and head home.  Secretly there is a half gallon of Publix Pumpkin Pie ice cream in the cooler too.  Shhh....  I finally get home and empty my pockets and find....Yes, Dingbat me, finds the coupons for the milk in my pocket.  Have I said Grrrr....yet?!

I think my "best friend", Webster, figured me out again!

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Annnightflyer said...

I love Almond milk,we get that here too I discovered it here while back and won't drink anything else!goolanne