Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lazy me

I know somebody somewhere thinks I sit around watching soap operas all day and that I never get anything done.  Well you know what? They are wrong.  Some days I never get anything done but it isn't because I sit around watching soap operas. is a little bit of what I do...
These things are not in order of how they were done.  Sometimes in a world of chaos, we just take things as they come, order or no order.
We moved a chicken house. 
I crocheted a few (at least 75) flowers for a wonderful person.

We found a corn snake and put him in a safer place.

I finally learned how to make a "tooth brush" rug.

I found a sunbeam in my yard.

We hiked 3.2 miles and swung on a vine.

We saw a Fox Squirrel on a post.
The dog even helped roll the kids around in the barrel.

We rolled our kids around in a barrel.

We stuffed a kid in a barrel.

Almost 50 pounds of sweet potatoes.

Me and the boys dug some sweet potatoes.

The SWAT bus I drove in the memorial day parade.
I bought the piece to fix the toilet.  I was going to fix it but my husband beat me to it.

The tiny screen from the cold water for the washing machine.

This is what came out of the screen.

This is what it should look like.  No sediments clogging it up.
I fixed the washing machine while Superman was out of town.  This was to fix the agitator.


JesusChick said...

Can S and I come over and roll around in barrels with you guys sometime?? ;)

karisma said...

Now I cannot imagine anyone who does all that would be into watching soap operas in the first place. That is a lot of sweet potatoes. Yum! I often have days where I wonder what I did all day and then look back and think hmmmmmm! Love love love the crocheted flowers. Just beautiful. Hugs to you lovely xoxoxox

Alta said...

So, so great to hear from you. Guess I should post more if I want to hear from you. LOL
Yes, you are right - I am certainly not into soap operas.

Alta said...

Come on over and we'll warm the barrel up just for you!

Ashleigh said...

You're supermom! lol, I love when people think we have time for soaps all day!

Alta said...

Thank you Ashleigh!