Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Therapeutic Foster Home

My first impression of a Therapeutic Foster Home is that same impression that I have today. What a joke. Someone sits on their (you know what) and collects over $1000 a month just to have a child in their home that needs a little extra care. Oh yes, I am sure that there are some wonderful Therapeutic Foster Homes, but the one that I am dealing with is such a joke.

If you read my last post, you may remember that the 11 year old came to our house this weekend with 650 sentences to write. When I took him back to his foster home today, his foster mom did not say hello or how was your weekend or anything that kind. She immediately ask him about his sentences. I ask him to give them to her and I spoke for him, saying that he got all of them completed. I did not tell her how long it took or any of the information about getting him to complete them. She then ask him where he got a DVD from. He was very defensive and would not tell her. I ask him to sit with me and tell her what he had told my husband and I. He admitted taking the DVD and where he took it from. She immediately started in on what other punishment (besides sentences that were completed) that he would have to do. She has given him 2 other punishments for that, on top of the sentences. Now he will have 3 punishments for taking a DVD.

I don't believe that is Therapeutic. I believe that is beating him down so that he will never see any accomplishment. Now he will have to listen to his Therapist about the same issue. So he will have to go through it all over again.

I am just finding this unreal and beyond my wildest imagination.

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