Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Much Happening

I say there's not much happening but then again I could say that life is happening. We all know that life happens. No matter how we want to slow down time or even stop time at times, it just goes on and on.

For us the weather has been warm and cold. Not hot, but warm and cold. During our warm days we can actually wear shorts. During our cold days we certainly have to bundle up. One day the ac is running and the next day the heat is on. We are still way below the average rain level. We did get a little rain this weekend, maybe an inch. Just enough to make the sand stick to your shoes so you could track it in the house. And of course we had company yesterday and a lot of sand was tracked in the house. It's ok though, because the dogs bring in a lot of sand all the time.

Over the holidays I only gave the boys a few days off from their lessons. If I give them too much time they seem to have a huge memory loss. Is that with all kids? I'm actually wondering who is learning more, me or them. LOL At least one of us is learning.

I have worked on a few crafts. I actually finished a small quilt that I had started about 2 years ago. The boys really like it. We use it to snuggle up with when we are watching a movie.
I started another quilt last night. I dug through my scraps of material and started getting them in some type of order and cutting out squares for the quilt. I want to get really creative with quilts but I have a lot to learn when it comes to quilting. I have a book somewhere that has a little info about quilting but I think it covers more on applique than actually quilting. Yes, I want to try applique also.

I am still working on my gather points. I just got a free gift card to Home Depot and I can hardly wait to spend it. I'm working on getting my second gift card. I kinda thought I would save up my gift cards and maybe buy some paint.

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