Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Money and more

$700 Billion - How in the world can someone or something get that far in debt? How can it possibly cost that much to clear up a mess? Shoot, when we spill a glass of milk it only cost a few cents. Ok - maybe a whole dollar now that the price of milk has gone up. I just really have a problem with this whole economy thing. Isn't it all just ridiculous!

Me and the boys save some money today. We turned off the air condition and opened up all the windows. Oh it was a beautiful day today. We are starting to feel fall in the air and it is a joy to have it. I'm either getting older or wiser...LOL...maybe both. I am noticing things that I knew about before but I didn't really notice them. Now not only do I know about them but I notice them. It's pretty awesome.

The boys have grown so much! Not only have they grown taller but they have really matured mentally. Some of the problems that we had before are a thing of the past.

School is going really well this year. I am so proud of all of our accomplishments. I'm gonna scoot outta here for now. Everyone is asleep but me and I want to do a little reading.


Mel said...

Bailing out Freddie & Fannie~

I cannot believe, our government, is asking us to bail out banks and financial institutes that knowingly gave out such loans, and continued doing so even after we were "in the red". This is something that took years to come to a head, and these so called "financial institutes" plowed their way to where they are today. If we agree to a so called "bail out" and it fails, then what? Who will bail us out "We the people" we're talking BILLIONS of dollars here folks I do not feel we can come up with a bail out plan overnight, or even over a week of meetings...

Alta said...

Mel - I am right there with you. We all need to open up our eyes!

karisma said...

Hmmm! I have seen this coming for quite some time but prefer not to focus on the bad. I just hope it all comes good for everyone.

Im very happy to see that the boys and yourself are going well with the homeschooling. We are also much more settled these days since i have learned to tone down the amount of work we do. Its amazing how kids soak up everything like sponges hey?

Alta said...

We also try to focus on the good. God continues to help us with that every day.
Our government is just a joke!
I am so excited with home school this year because my kids are so thirsty for it!