Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Should I Quit

All of you know that I haven't been posting here like I should. I am just doing other things and don't want to spend so much time talking about what I want to do or what I've been doing or even what I'm gonna do...
I just want to go and do it. That's what has me thinking that maybe I should just quit. I mean quit blogging. No - not forever - just for a little while. Haha...that's pretty much what I've done. Well to some extent anyway.

Here lately I've been...
outside more
enjoying home school
raising a baby squirrel
doing more with freecycle
planning and planting a winter garden
enjoying our 3 boys


karisma said...

No you certainly should not quit! We have all been going through this rut! How about you blog once a week? Just so we know you are still alive.

Alta said...

Ok - now I see it is not just me in a rut. I really don't wanna quit and now I see that I really shouldn't quit. Ok - I'll blog when I can. How bout that?!