Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now...when was it

I get so darn busy sometimes that I just can't think straight. It seems like sometime back, I said I was going to get all of my coupon stuff put on here. I need it all here so I don't have to run all over the internet looking for it. Now I'm studying from my Teachers Guide, no, not coupons but Vacation Bible School. Yes, I'm teaching! I am so excited. Today I found my helper in church. This lady loves to laugh and so do I. Oh it's gonna be a blast.

Now...when was it. Oh yeah, almost a week ago I ask you all to stay tuned because links were coming to help you save some money. Well, maybe not really save but spend less and get more. Yeah! I like that.

Ok - check out the side bar for links that will help you get more and spend less. I'm updating them as I go to them and remember them. Eventually they will all be there.

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