Friday, June 26, 2009

So Little Time

or The Count Down. I have a few more days before my surgery and I'm starting the countdown thing. Really, it's the kids that are doing the countdown. I'm just ready for the recovery. The docs office called today to let me know that there will be 2 surgeries done on my hand at the same time. Yeah - 2 (two). I had some test done to see if I have Carpal Tunnel and guess what...I have it. It isn't a bad case but shoot, why wait.

I'm a little worried now about the healing time and such. Why? Well I am teaching VBS the first week of August. I know that teaching isn't a big deal but...Crafts - me and the boys have lots of crafts to do that will be props. We want the kids to get a feel of what we are teaching not just listen to it. I really want the kids to get something out of the class. Today we started making some paper mache coconuts and some wood planks out cardboard and contact paper. The wood planks will be used to make cardboard boxes look like wood crates. Oh it looks awesome! Check out the Amazon Expedition

And just to remind you there is ... So Little Time.


karisma said...

Hugs! Hoping all goes well for you! I had RSI when I was younger. Too much typing, it killed. I still to this day get stiff in my hand and lose feeling. I try to exercise my fingers and hands when I remember. Just flexing, bending and wiggling them a lot. You'd be surprised how well it works.

SB has a theory...If you don't use it..You lose it! It's true. When we stop exercising our bodies and our minds they start to lose their full potential!

Don't forget to wiggle those fingers! Best of luck and God Bless!

Alta said...

I know just what you mean about wiggling the fingers and even the hand. I have to do that from time to time now. I will have one good hand and one bad hand after surgery but soon the other one will get fixed.
Thank you so much for your well wishes!

Water Damage Los Angeles, CA said...

Good luck with your surgery! I hope you are back to normal as soon as possible!

<3 Linds