Friday, October 02, 2009

Burning the midnight oil

Once again I find myself sitting here in the wee hours. Ok, so they really aren't wee hours right now but it won't be long. I used to stay up til 2 and 3 am. In the past ummm...month, I have been really trying very hard to get into bed a little earlier. I just get more work done when everyone else is in bed. Yeah, the house is really quiet.

A couple of days ago, I ordered my much needed, very expensive printer cartridge. It arrived today! Needless to say, I am trying to run it empty. LOL

I gonna say goodnight to you now because if I stay up much longer, I really will be burning the midnight oil.
Night, night!


karisma said...

Well I hope you got some sleep! I know how you feel. I have trouble falling asleep and then dream so much it wears me out while Im sleeping. Bring on summer I say! At least I can wear myself out at the beach!

Alta said...

Summer! It's pretty amazing how we are going into winter and you are going into summer. I'm ready for summer again too!