Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blah and busy

I'm not sure how one can be blah and busy. But that is how I have been the past couple of days. I am so very, very sleepy during the day but at night it's a different story. It's like it gets dark and I'm ready to paint and sew and clean and cook and so much more. I take my vitamin in the am but I think it isn't in my blood stream until the sun goes down. Weird, I know.

A lovely lady, Ms. Angie, from church has given me lots and lots of material. She had a stroke and just isn't able to sew like she used to. The material is just beautiful and I have lots and lots of ideas about what I want to make. Yesterday, I worked on a project that Ms. Angie put in the bag of material. She had mentioned a vest that she had started but couldn't finish. I suggested that I take a look at it and see if I could finish it. Today I did just that. I finished the vest for her. I can hardly wait to see her and give her the vest. So I did get a little sewing done.

Speaking of a little sewing. When I went to the Parelli Ranch, I showed my butt. Literally! I am so thankful that my jeans didn't split until we were on the way home. I'm talking they split on the side of the back pocket so it all hung out! LOL I washed the jeans and was thinking of what to do with them. Patch them, throw them away or make something out of them. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to make an apron. I set my hands in motion and wa la...Yesterday I finished it. I used the bottom of one of the boys shirts that they are ruined to make the ruffle and the ties.

Pictures are coming so don't rush me. So what if it takes me a couple of months to post them here. You gotta have a good reason to come back.

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