Sunday, November 15, 2009

Field Trips and more

I just noticed the last date that I posted. My gosh! Where has the time gone. I know that being busy can make the time fly by but I really feel like it has been a light year. We have been on a couple of field trips with our homeschool group and WOW...we really enjoyed them.

Instead of me being one with the camera, I decided to just be a kid and enjoy everything.

Alliance Dairy was great and now the kids know that there is not a cow standing in the fridge ready to hand out glasses of milk.

Ocali Days was really cool. I'm not that old but I can remember living in a time when we didn't have so much. Children really have no idea how fortunate they are these days. I think back though and I'm not so sure they are fortunate. Along with gadgets and "the future", come times that I'm not sure I want to be a part of. I really liked it when things were much simpler.


karisma said...

Me too! I have been plotting to rid our house of a lot of stuff lately. Being married to a man of the future makes it hard. I guess I would miss my computer though. LOL

Alta said...

I wold miss my computer too! A Lot! LOL

Together We Save said...

Where have you been? You have not posted in forever.