Monday, January 30, 2012

Summers long ago

Oh how I loved summers long ago.  Summers that made me say "YES" I will have a pool when I grow up!  My friend Becky and I lived in the pool.  Ok - not really lived in it but we stayed in the pool long enough that our parents thought we would grow fins and gills.  We never did grow either and we are both thankful for that.  And that's a good thing because the water was so sparkly and clear that anyone could have seen our fins and gills.  Becky's dad was the one that kept the pool so sparkly and it's because he used these pool supplies.  If you are wanting to get and keep that water in your pool sparkly then you really should check this out...pool chemicals.  Start stocking up now because summer isn't far away, and...You can get some great bargains with free shipping and handling.
Now that I'm so much older, I enjoy relaxing with pool accessories such as some of the wonderful floats.  Years ago I was just like my kids and loved the toys and games.  Ok...I admit it...I still play some of the games with my kids.  What's a day in the pool without squirting someone with water?

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