Thursday, June 14, 2012


Somehow a few weeks back I managed to come across a World Wide Knit in Public Day website.  Well needless to say...I was all over it.  I started making flyers and getting them posted and getting our little group all psyched up about it. happened!  WWKiP Day happened and my little group gathered and we celebrated with others around the world and we knitted in public.  Ok - we really knit in public every chance we get but there was a sense of something.  Maybe it was a sense of other knitters.  Maybe we could secretly hear the knitting needles singing as we all knitted together.

Well guess what?  WWKiP doesn't officially end until Sunday.  Ha!  Just another day to celebrate another day of knitting.  I'm lovin it!  We will be gathered again at our local library this Friday.  Wow - that's tomorrow, June 15th.  We will join others around the world to Knit In Public. 

Would you like to find a gathering near you? Click here to search the official WWKiP Day website. If you can't find a meet up scheduled in your area, just grab your yarn, needles, patterns and head off to a local coffee shop, library, park bench, cafe, big oak tree or where ever suits your fancy.  Join us all around the world for WWKiP Day.

If there’s no meet up scheduled in your area, you can still join in the fun! Simply take your yarn, hooks, and needles to your local coffee shop, park, restaurant, or other public space and start crafting. Make today and every day your own personal WWKiP Day!

If you are in my area, join us at the Bronson Public Library every Friday from 2:30 to 4:00.  We would love to see you there.

A wonderful THANK YOU to Lou Elliott Jones, Editor for the Ceday Key Beacon, Tri County Bulletin, Williston Pioneer Sun News!

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