Monday, December 24, 2012

Quick guide for choosing yarns from Liat Gat

This post is from an email that I received from...

Liat Gat

Your devoted video knitting teacher
This lady is wonderful!  I mean really wonderful!  She knows her stuff when it comes to knitting.  Now  check this out as a great way to choose your yarns for your projects...

If you want your garment to be:       Then chose a yarn that is primarily:
  • Structured                                       Wool
  • Drapey                                             Silk or bamboo
  • Washable                                        Cotton or machine-wash wool
  • Shiny                                                Silk or bamboo
  • Soft/not itchy                                 Merino wool or cotton
  • Very warm                                      Alpaca
  • Fuzzy                                                Angora or mohair 
Thank you so much Liat Gat!

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