Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Big day today

Today the realtor met with us! We really are moving! I am surprised that we will actually be able to list our place for more than what we thought. Now that is exciting news.
We have to start painting and sprucing up the place a little bit. 11 more days and we are off on vacation to look at property to buy. We really are gonna do it! And I am still checking on work at home jobs. Now - wouldn't that be wonderful.

Of course I am not able to write here every day. Maybe I should have said at least once a month and then the goal wourl have been alot more achieveable. Someday I would like to sit and just put everything right down here. I mean all the research that I am doing and such. For my more private things, I have created a journal.

I know that Country Living is just around the corner and that is what gets me through another long day.
Speaking of getting through another long day.

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