Friday, August 25, 2006

A Simplier Way of Life

All we really want is A Simplier Way of Life.

A place to sit on the front porch in the morning and watch mother nature wake up. A place to raise children where the children are still taught to say "Yes Mam and Yes Sir" and "Thank you" and "Please". To raise a few cows, chickens, pigs and such. To grow a garden and can the products from our garden. To sit by the fire place on cold days and read to each other and laugh at silly things that have happened or that will happen. To relax and get away from the hustle and bustle.

Have you ever dreamed of this life style? Have you ever lived this life style? I have lived it and now I dream of having it again. I grew up on a farm and I loved every minute of it.

The world we live in today is really getting out of hand. People have no respect for anyone or anything. I see it and live it everyday. The faster I can get away from it - the better.

We leave Sunday 08-27-06 to go and look for a simplier way of life. We have several places all picked out to visit. We have a couple of pieces of property to look at. Then we have to make the decision as to when - not if - but when. We are all buzzing around with excitement!

As some of you may already know. We are in the process of adopting our first child. I use the term "child" very carefully, because now the term we use is "children". A dozen? We do know that we want to adopt more than one child, but we are not sure about a dozen - who knows what will happen on the how many. In good time it will all work out.

As for being on the simple side - we want to incorporate some type of alternative power. Maybe be what is called "off the grid". We may start with the barn on an alternative power, then incorporate it to more areas of our lives.

Lots of changes from our daily life now. Lots to do - find new place - sell everything we can, furniture and so on - sell house in Florida, and so on and so on...

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Ruby said...

Amen to a simpler way of life. My husband and I have been in the trucking business for 39 years and we are retiring this year. "thank you Lord" we have been in Florida for 21 years and we are selling out and moving to Kentucky. We have already bought a small farm there and I can not wait to have my garden and do some canning plus I love to paint, make angles and make candles. My project in life is to make my crafts and go the festivals. Infact there are 3 or 4 with in 10 miles of our place. I am done with Wal-Mart and run run run and answering the telephone. My time has come.Look out paint brush and Bob Ross / Brenda Harris. I wish you luck and fun.
Ruby Lanigan