Monday, August 14, 2006

I finally did it!

I finally did it!
I am creating my very first blog. I waited and waited til I saw what was going to happen with the blog world. Funny how trends work. I wonder how long the blog trend will last?
I am sitting here at 2 in the morning because I can't sleep. Thousands of thoughts running through my head. If only it were sheep, I could sleep.
I am in search of my "Niche" or "Forte", whatever you call it. In all reality I am a "Jack of all trades and master of none". How does one find their Niche/Forte with my qualifications. Guess my brain just hasn't figured it all out yet.
The name of my blog reflects what I love and what we are about to do. We? My family - my husband and I with all our critters. We are in search of relocating and getting back to country living, just as when we both grew up and how we remember the good life.
I am really excited about getting back to country living with less hustle and bustle.
I would love to update this daily. I know that ain't gonna happen! Not with my work schedule. But hopefully, I will be able to update a couple times a week, especially as things progress toward getting back the country.

ps - I am also working on getting some of crafts into a couple of shops and hopefully sell some of them.

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