Saturday, November 18, 2006

So much for that.

So much for posting every day. I somehow knew that wouldn't happen. Kinda silly of me to think that. Regardless, I am posting today and I will try to bring it all up to date.

Of course I have been busy. I really can't imagine life any other way. Oh yes - I will get back to a Simplier Way of Life. It is the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have been to Arkansas and Missouri two times now. We love the land, the farms the simple life. Why is it that people seem to be friendlier there than in Florida? People actually say good morning there and mean it. Oh not in Florida - they grunt when you speak to them. Or you get some weird look and they suck through their teeth. They play their music too loud - not that I don't like loud music, but really, is it necessary to play it so loud that they can hear it 2 blocks away.

Quality of life - what ever happened to that? Well, I intend to create a wonderful quality of life for myself and my family.

I am just so upset by the way society has changed. What ever happend to "excuse me" or "thank you" and so on... What ever happened to helping our neighbors? Yes - our society has become a rudier society. Horrible!

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