Thursday, November 23, 2006

Me and crafting

There is not too much in the line of crafts that I have not tried. But then again, there are alot that I haven't tried. I love crafts! I love yarn, glue, thread, needles, paint, canvas, patterns and anyone who crafts. Isn't it wonderful to sit with the family and watch a movie (not tv) and craft until your fingers ache?! I love to crochet and knit while we watch a movie. Especially crocheting.

I started crocheting at the age of 11 (6th grade). It was my very first HomeEc class. I have my original needle and I still love that needle. I still remember my teacher - Mrs. Herring. A wonderful lady. She recently retired and I got to go to her retirement party. That was a real treat. I took my mom with me to the retirement party. I was in the same room with two of my favorite women - the same two women who taught me alot about sewing and cooking.
Some time over the years I taught myself to knit. Why? I really don't know, unless it was one more task that I felt compelled to master. I have a long way to go before I will master knitting, however, I have made several sweaters, scarfs and hats. I love to knit also, but it seems to demand more of my attention.

Sewing is another of my crafty things. I love to sew, but I generally pour myself into it and don't want to stop (not even to sleep) until the project is complete. I will just have to work on my self control with that issue.

Painting - oh now that is another story. If only I could paint what is in my head. To be a real artist! I have taken several paint classes. I dearly love my paint teacher. Mary McClead - I salute you! Thank you for every class that I have attended.

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