Friday, December 07, 2007

The 3 R's

You know what the 3 R's are. I know you do. It amazes me how many ways the 3 R's are used. I remember them as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Those are the 3 basic things we need to get through life. How about this.

Reduce - Recycle - Reuse

I like those too. And I am gonna give you a few little hints, ideas or whatever you wanna call them.

Reduce -
So easy, just use less. I bet you are thinking, "Now how can I do that?". Well there are several ways. So you just have to use disposable plates, ok, use paper instead of Styrofoam. Paper breaks down so much faster than Styrofoam. How about getting yourself some cloth bags to use when you go shopping. You can use those bags over and over again, creating less plastic bags being used. The drive thru - what a waste. The drive thru waste gas, and that's a fact. Park your car and walk inside. Not only are you reducing the fuel that you are using, but you are getting more exercise.

Recycle -
Some people just hate the idea of recycling. No, I have no clue why they hate it. Unless it just takes up way to much of their time to separate plastic from cans or what not. Maybe it takes too much of their time to haul an extra container out to the curb for pick up.

ReUse -
Tacky! Not! To reuse something is not tacky. I mean you reuse the same pair of shoes and the same purse. So what's the big deal?! ReUse is one of the most simple things. Find ways that you can be creative in what you reuse. Every one's doing it. Ok, maybe not everyone, but you know what I meant.

As for me and my family, we will use the 3 R's. Reading, writing, arithmetic. Reduce, recycle, reuse.
Today we loaded our aluminum cans on the back of the truck. We strapped them all down and off down the road we went. The back of the truck was full to the point of splitting at the seams. Darn good thing I know how to strap things down - we didn't loose the first can. The total weight of our cans was 248 pounds. The total of our cash for the cans was $151.20. Not only did we do something for the earth, we put some cash in our pockets. I don't think that the boys will throw away another can.

We try our best not to buy things that come in plastic containers. However, I am really impressed that plastic is being recycled more and more. Did you know that the carpet in your home could be made from recycled milk cartons. Yes - it's true.

We are also using some old pallets to make things. The boys get the experience of using a hammer, saw, nails and a few other really cool tools. We try to be creative with our 3 R's.
I want to make homemade paper. I'm gonna do it. The one thing that I am missing from already making homemade paper is the blender. I have never, ever owned a blender. Hmm...I think my mom may have one, I know she used to have one. Mental note to self - call mom, ask if she still has her blender. And I have a couple of idea with dryer lint.

I'm off to bed for now, gotta go and dream up ways to use my 3 R's.

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PG said...

Over here in the UK we have our recycled goods picked up in special bins by the council; we are lucky in that we can recycle plastic (as well as card. glass, batteries, textiles) in our area, but many town councils don't. There was talk of reducing the main wheelie bin collection to once every 2 weeks to encourage people to recycle, but people are so darned lazy! That would have meant a local tax reduction for people (like us) who recycle most things - we only put our bin out every 5-6 weeks. But it proved very unpopular indeed, so laziness rules again! :) Freecycle web sites are great, although you have to be careful not to collect even more junk than you give away!