Monday, December 31, 2007

Where Have I Been

I have been here and there and every where and no where in between. How about this, busy. Or maybe you want to hear me say that I've been relaxing. I'm tellin ya - I have done it all and I'm still not done.

Last year in the fall, I'm not sure of the month, we had a buyer for our house and land. But the deal fell through. Of course that was after we had packed up our house and put it in storage. Everything - well almost everything. This past weekend we started toting boxes in the house to unpack. My books are finally back on the book shelves where they belong.

I was going to unpack everything after I painted the whole house. Forget that, I'm tired of the house being so bare with no pictures and no paintings and such. I'm tired of not have my corning ware to cook in. I'm still going to paint the whole house and we will eventually put in new carpet. But I just can't wait any longer.

So before the New Year hits us and we call it 2008, here's what I have for you.



Les said...

I have really enjoyed my visit here today and thank you for requesting a review.

You can see the results of the review here at

Happy New Year

the radical blogger

Alta said...

9.5 out of 10
That is awesome!

karisma said...

Way to go Alta!

Im with you on the painting. I prefer to do one room at a time, when you have the time. You will end up doing a better job that way as you are not rushed.