Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Hits Just Keep on Comin

Right when I think that I am finally going to get caught up - The hits just keep on comin.

Honestly they do! I still have a mound of paperwork on my desk. This morning I started going through some of it and I actually threw some things away. I'm sure later on I'll be wondering where they are, but that's ok. I'll just deal with it then.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been really slack in the boys schoolwork. We have strayed from the books and did some fun projects. I sure wish that I would have taken the holidays to do that. Live and learn! LOL

This week I am really trying to get back into the book work. It's going pretty well - so far. Since we had 2 weeks of slacking, the boys ask if they can do this or that. I think I may have made an impression on them with some fun activities. That's not a bad thing! Our homeschool group is really picking up with activities. Now throw up the activities with the Boy Scouts and once again - the hits just keep on comin.
Ok - throw in a Valentine supper. I really wanted to have the kids do some Valentine decorations but there just isn't enough hours in the day. One thing I have really figured out is this...Kids have to get out and run to burn off that energy. Really, they do. I have noticed that our bad days are mostly because they didn't burn off enough of their energy.
Oh yeah - I almost forgot. It's garden planning time. Mention a garden and they boys just go bezerk. Really they do. Is is because they like to watch things grow or because it gets them outside. I don't know - I just like the fact that they are interested in it.
I sure do remember being in the garden with my dad. I also remember all the good meals that momma used to cook from the things that dad grew. Mmmmm - I can smell it cooking now.

Ok - that reminds me that I need to finish cleaning off my desk. Help the boys with their school work and I want us to take a little walk after lunch today. Have a wonderful day!

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