Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Third Sunday

This is kinda odd but I am really enjoying it. Today is our third Sunday that the boys and I have been in church. We really don't belong to any church. Of course everyone has their own beliefs of God and of church. Some may not even belief. It is your choice and I don't condem anyone for their personal belief.

I was raised in the Church of God. I remember as a kid watching the believers and listening to them speak in tongues. I was scared when it happened and I never really understood it. It was explained to me with the best explaination that my parents could give me. I think they did a wonderful job of easing my mind and not scaring me any more that what I already was scared. Thank you mom and dad!

Since I have become an adult (many, many moons ago) I had a life to live and I didn't go to church very much. Superman and I have talked about getting involved in a church, but finding the right church isn't always easy. A couple of time we attended the Methodist church near us. We liked it but it just didn't call to us. Somehow, some way we found another little church to check out. Some people call it church shopping. It sounds kinda funny but in all reality that's exactly what it is. You go from church to church trying to find one that you feel comfortable in. I think we found it. It's a small country church. They don't pass the offering plate around, they don't call you if you don't attend one day or a week or even a month. Actually Brother Andy talked about this today. I was extremely impressed. I don't think anyone needs to have their arm twisted to do something. They're either going to do it or they're not. Simple as that.

Now I gotta go back to the first of this month. Boy Scout Sunday was the first Sunday in February. Our boy scout troop attended and the kids really enjoyed it. We went back the next Sunday. Last night while the boys and I were sitting at the dining table, I ask them which church they wanted to go to. They all (almost in unison) said "Uncle Larry's church". Ok, that settles that.

Our third Sunday leads us to today. We actually walked into church late. The boys headed to childrens church and I took a seat to listen to a powerful message. Brother Andy has a strong voice as he stands on the pulpit in his jeans and boots to tell us all about the power of God. This calls for an Amen! Amen! I'm not rich. I can't afford fancy clothes and fancy cars to go to church and listen to the Glory of God. I'm not there to see how someone else is dressed or what they are driving. I am there to be closer to God and to hear the word of God.

WW, JD and MJ are all excited about going back. They told me all about childrens church and how much they enjoyed it. I'm excited for them!

We're going back! We won't be able to attend next Sunday but there isn't anything on our calendar for the following Sunday.

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karisma said...

Sounds great Alta, if I was into Church I would choose one like this too! It should be about the message and not the recruitment, so to speak! I hope it works out for you all.