Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Slacker I Am

Ok - I admit it. I'm a slacker! There! LOL

I really have slacked off on my posting here and keeping you up to date. I guess there isn't too much new to tell you about. Unless you want to hear about my 2 broken fingers. It's really a long story. I just hope that the swelling will eventually go down enough that my wedding band will fit a little more comfortable.

We have been busy with school and with the Boy Scouts. Somehow, I managed to get deeply involved in the Scouts. I really don't mind. But it really does keep me busy.

Oh gosh! I almost forgot! No more dial up - we are now among the fastest of the fast. Yep, we know have high speed internet. I love it! I hope I never, ever have to go back to dial up. Now I can enter my coke rewards points and it doesn't take a whole darn day. LOL I can do a few other things too. I am a gatherer and I love making a few extra spending dollars there. I'm also a boomertowner. I like watching my points build up really fast. That way I'll be able to cash them in for the gift cards.

Let me think. Hmm...
Last week in school we broke away from the book study. We worked on our counting money, drawing, reading aloud, learning our States, doing some word search puzzles and just plain out having fun. Our home school trip was even a break away from the river. We all meet at one of the members houses for some fun time with her horses. It really was just a very nice meeting and a nice break away from the routine. I have some pictures that I will share with you, when I'm not slacking.


karisma said...

Who you callin a slacker? Since you have the broken fingers, it must be me? Goodness me woman, look after yourself!

brighteyesk9 said...

I have just been so darn busy with everything else. I really feel quilty that I haven't been keeping the blog up to date.