Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day Number 5

Wooo Hoooo

I have finally made it to day number 5 and right now I want to eat my keyboard. No kidding! And if this darn cat keeps putting her foot and then her nose in my pretzel bag, I might just have to eat her. Yeah - go ahead and laugh. You think it's funny now. It won't be so darn funny when I send you the picture of her fuzzy tail hanging out of my mouth. The same fuzzy tail that just sent my pumpkin seeds flying across the room.

Day number 3 wasn't too bad, I only broke down once. I had just finished eating and was still sitting at the table with Superman and the boys. It just hit me - that urge to smoke. I mean just like that too. I put my head in my hands and said - I want a cigarette. MJ jumped up from the table and grabbed me a peppermint. What a trooper! I actually broke down and cried. I popped the peppermint in my mouth and within about 3 minutes the urge was gone. I survived it!

Day number 4 was better than day number 3. April Fools day is a big day at our house. No, not because we stay up late thinking of tricks to pull on each other. It's a big day because it's Superman's birthday. He is a jokester enough that we don't need to think of any more ways to trick each other. His personality really fits his birthday. Amazing isn't it!

And you know about day number 5 cause I already told you. Ok, that little panic attack is gone and I have survived a total of 4 days right now and tomorrow I can say that I survived 5 days. Because today isn't over.


karisma said...

Actually I think it would be quite amusing seeing you with the tail hanging out of your mouth. Maybe not for the cat though!

hang in there!

Alta said...

Ok - you know why I haven't replied to this yet. Yep - gotta stay away from the computer. LOL

I know for a fact that the cat would not appreciate it!

Thank you again and again for your support!