Monday, May 02, 2011


Some days I want to sit and tell you everything. Other days...well, mind your own business.
Do you ever have days like that? Com'on now, tell it like it is. You know you do too.
Ok...Here we go.

Today I sat in a "canning class". I actually learned a few things.
One very important thing that I learned is that the way my parents and grandparents used to can would kill us these day. Ok, maybe not would, but certainly could.
I learned that the USDA doesn't have a way to can yellow squash. Homemade canning I mean. Not store bought canning.
I learned that you need soft water to pickle the best pickles. Now get this. Hard water has lime in it and you gotta get it out of the water to pickle pickles cucumbers. have to buy lime to use it in the pickle recipe. Hmmm....I think I'll be thinking on this one for a little while.
Speaking of canning.
I'm growing a garden again this year. I grow a small garden just about every year. Now that the boys are older and I seem to have a few more minutes during the day, I think I want a little bit bigger garden. My horses supply me with all the compost I can use with plenty left over for anyone interested in hauling some away. I will pick the first yellow squash tomorrow. There are tomatoes about the size of marbles. This year I planted running beans. It is so neat to watch the runners grow.
And speaking of runners, I'm gonna run right outta here for now. See you soon!


karisma said...

Yep, I have days like that. Sometimes I just want to sit and write and write as so much is in my head. Usually I don't have the time so end up posting something short or lazy or nothing at all.

Our garden is in a bit of a mess lately as I don't have the time to tend it as much as I used to.

Alta said...

I certainly understand about being busy!