Friday, May 13, 2011

A little greener

Is it really possible for someone to "go green"? Well...if it is possible. Then that is what I am doing. I get so tired of gas prices. I get so tired of the excuses to raise the price of oil so the price of gas will go up (again). If a gnat farts over the gulf and creates the winds to change direction then the price of oil jumps. And...the price of gas is a reason for the price of everything else to skyrocket.
I am a little greener!
A few months back a friend was showing me her homemade laundry soap. It smelled really nice! And I said to her, "I want the recipe". Yes, I have the recipe and guess what. You can have it too!
The recipe is from "The Family Homestead" and here is the direct link for the laundry soap.

Before the laundry soap, we were a little green. We saved recycled aluminum cans, grew a garden, traveled as little as possible, had home cooking, opened windows from time to time, pushed the thermostat up, had energy saving bulbs, compost some things and a few other things that I just can't remember right now. Hmm...must be old age, I mean kids. Ok - just forgetful.
We make our own laundry soap. Yes it is much, much cheaper (less expensive) than buying it in the stores. I cannot even imagine the amount of money that I have spent on laundry soap. I could have been saving that money all along. Rats!
Yes, we recycle, reduce and reuse.
I'm getting to it!
Yesterday I had a few errands to do in a little town not far from us. So...I drove to the town (7 miles) and I filled up the car with gas, then I drove to the library. Then me youngest son and I walked a few blocks to the Dollar General store and then to the post office. We took care of our business and then we walked back to the library. Usually we drive to all of the places. Not yesterday.
Today we did the same thing. It's really neat to me.
So I am a little greener and I like it.
ps...A solar shower is in the planning stage. And...How to treat a toenail fungus.


karisma said...

Hehe! My first reaction to this post was to be cheeky. Yes I have seen people go green, right before they hurl. LOL

Seriously though, one step at a time is the best way. Most people think its oh so hard, but really its baby steps to becoming more aware of what impact we actually have on this environment. My efforts are often swayed by my family. My man is so much of a modern, technology loving guy. That I think our worst impact is the amount of power we use. We are working on ways around that one though. Fingers crossed, it will work.

One of my friends has been trying to get me to make my own washing liquid, she makes it all the time. I am yet to get around to it due to the time issue. I have been so busy this week that I have not even turned on my computer for days at a time. Wow!

Alta said...

LOL at "hurl". It's easy to pick out the parents that have boys.
I do so agree about one step at a time.
My husband loves things, I mean things like tools and more tools and so on. Tools. But...he is mellowing with age.